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Cooperative Education Program
Cooperative Education programs offer students opportunities to expand their interests, explore their career options and apply their learning. Cooperative education is a planned learning experience in the community that complements and enhances the Ontario Curriculum and provides all levels of students with an opportunity to learn and to apply their skills and knowledge in practical situations. Courses in various disciplines may be offered through the cooperative education program, which can benefit all students, whatever their postsecondary destination. Students receive credit based on evaluations of their performance in the work placement.

Green Industries Course
G.B.C.S. has a greenhouse from which we run an elective credit program. Students learn all about the life cycle and care of plants as well as working in the greenhouse. A highlight of this program is a plant sale in the spring. Many Moms have been delighted with a Mother's Day gift grown in this program.

Music Program
G.B.C.S. boasts an excellent and award winning music program. Students may choose either Strings or Winds as a school subject and participate in Junior or Senior Orchestra, or Jazz Ensemble. There are several opportunities throughout the year to perform, including Kiwanis where our school frequently wins gold. There is also a music trip each year to a major urban center like New York, Boston, Philadelphia. Every other month the Music Council sponsors a Coffee House on Friday evenings and during semester two host an "idol" competition. Students may also participate by being involved in our Music Student Council; parents may participate by volunteering for our Music Parent Council.

Technology Program
The Technological program is an ever-expanding, popular program at G.B.C.S. Currently our school offers courses in communications, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation. Students have the opportunity to take part in Skills Canada Competitions, career exploration through trips and guest presentations.

The Pursuits program is a four-credit integrated program offered in one semester only. This course is designed for college or university bound students who have an interest in leadership and the growing fields of health and recreation sciences. This dynamic educational experience has students directly apply concepts taught in the following four credits: Exercise Science, Fitness Leadership, Food and Nutrition Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Life Skills ProgramThis program offers a wide range of opportunities for students with different learning needs. They work on courses in literacy and life

skills math, cooking, small business skills, Co-op, physical education, Special Olympics, personal care, physiotherapy activities and more. Each student's Secondary School plan is individualized to meet the needs of the student. Each student, parent(s) and the special education team develop an enjoyable and meaningful educational experience that prepares the student for post-secondary life.

Developmental Learning Classes
We have been fortunate to have two developmental learning classes in 2008-2009. We hope to continue this in 2009-2010.

K Courses
The students of the D.L. units are programmed with K courses, which are provided by the Ministry of Education. Although they are non-credit, they are very valuable, interesting, challenging and applicable to everyday life. Some of the courses we have offered in the past are:
Personal Life Skills
Learn skills to get you through the day such as personal hygiene, planning a dinner party, taking out library books, writing resumes and cover letters, time management etc.
Culinary SkillsCreate healthy lunches each day, to be purchased by the students
Prepare menus, make grocery lists, budgets, complete the shopping at the local grocery store
Learn about the Canadian Food Guide, health and safety
Numeracy and NumbersDevelop you number sense and your own level
Money skills, calendar skills, telling time, understanding taxes, measurement
Some students may use this course to prepare themselves for a locally developed, grade 9 math course
Self Help and Self CareBecome a self-advocate
Learn to communicate your needs and wants in a positive, healthy and effective manner
Learn about yourself and the skills you need personally to take care of yourself
Language and Communication Development
Literacy is important at any level
This course takes you from where your current abilities in reading and writing are and expands them. Presentation skills are also a focus
Read novels, build vocabulary and develop improved reading comprehension skills
Personal Health and Fitness

50% of a student's compulsory courses are from the following three subject areas.

The English Department emphasizes academic excellence, language and skill development, and the use of current and relevant material. All courses encourage a love of reading and literature. In addition to core courses, the department offers a wide variety of additional courses, including Writer's Craft and Studies in Literature in Grade 12. The department also offers an English Help Room for any student requiring assistance during the first part of four lunch hours.

The Mathematics Department offers courses that enable all students to be successful whether they are headed for the workplace, college or university. G.B.C.S. is equipped with four up-to-date computer labs and two class sets of graphing calculators that enhance curriculum delivery. Students have the opportunity annually to write Canadian Mathematics Competition. In the past, students from G.B.C.S. have performed very well in this international competition. A Math Help Room is open during the lunch period everyday of the week. Also, individual teachers are available for extra help upon request.

The Science Department offers a variety of introductory science courses in Grades nine and ten which serve as a solid foundation for more specialized studies in the senior years. Senior courses are based on the three major scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. All courses develop student's skills in scientific research, critical thinking, scientific literacy, and debating. Science touches every aspect of our lives, and these courses will ensure that students are prepared for lifelong learning in the ever-expanding field of science.

Students are required to take one compulsory course in a variety of areas. After completing these compulsories, students may choose to continue in these subject areas to earn elective credits. These include: The Arts, Business, Canadian and World Studies, Computer Studies, French, Health and Physical Education, Social Science and Humanities. These courses meet a wide variety of interests and are designed to excite the learner and enrich their learning experience.


Intramural Sports and Sports Teams
The G.B.C.S. Athletic Program offers a wide variety of both group and individual sports teams. A committed group of staff and community coaches donate an extraordinary amount of time to the development of their teams. An active Athletic Council also undertakes successful fundraising events in order to support athletics at the school. Intramural programs, open gym and weight room times are also available to all students during the lunch hours.

G.B.C.S. benefits from several active clubs that include Student Council and others.

Various school trips are organized by a variety of departments. Annualy students have the opportunity to take part in different trips with destinations ranging from Toronto, the United States, and Europe.

There are also several exchange opportunities. Students can take part in three-month exchanges or summer exchanges. There is also an opportunity for a year-long program through the Rotary Youth Exchange.

Student Council
Students' Council is open to all students in the school. Its responsibility is to oversee activities within the school. The Council collects student fees and team fees to support all extra-curricular activities. Students' Council organizes house assemblies, three dances throughout the year, spirit days, oversees fundraising campaigns, volunteers at Commencement and maintains the house point system.

School Plaques (formerly School letters)
Involvement in some of the above activities qualifies a student to become eligible to receive a school plaque. A plaque is an award given to students who excel in at least two of the three main areas of school life during their senior years: ACADEMICS, ACTIVITIES and ATHLETICS. This award is presented at the June Awards Assembly.

SUPPORT SERVICES/Community Resources:
Choices: Drug and Alcohol Counselling for Youth
A counsellor is available to offer confidential support for students with concerns around substance abuse. To make an appointment, see someone in Student Services.

The mission of Rainbows/Spectrum is to establish peer support groups for children and adolescents who are grieving due to a death, divorce or a painful transition. These support groups give participants an understanding of the grief process, provide an opportunity for emotional healing, assist in building a stronger sense of self-esteem and teach appropriate coping mechanisms. Trained staff run these groups. Contact Student Services for further information.

Y Employment Counselling
An employment counsellor comes to our school. Request an appointment from Student Services.

School Resources:
Computer Labs
G.B.C.S. has upgraded computer access for students. There are several programs that run in computer classrooms including all our computer studies courses, business courses, communications courses and careers courses. There are labs available for other classes to use.

Library Resource Centre
The G.B.C.S. Library is open on school days at times posted on the Library door and is staffed by a teacher-librarian. The library collection of books is catalogued using the Dewey Decimal system. Books can be searched for by title, author and subject using a computerized catalogue. There is a small collection of classroom-oriented videos, especially the CBC News in Review. We subscribe to a number of magazines of interest and keep some back issues. There are 7 computers in the library that have word processing and internet capabilities. They are available for general use. Remember that if you are unsure of how to use the library and its resources, please ask the staff for help.

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