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Situated beside the Niagara Escarpment on the shores of Georgian Bay in the heart of apple country with dynamic tourism, Georgian Bay Community School offers an excellent composite educational facility. We combine a rural family-like atmosphere with opportunities usually provided in a much larger school as evidenced by our wide variety of academic, vocational and co-curricular activities. Students attending our school benefit from the philosophy that "it takes a village to raise a child."

Currently, we have four Specialist High Skills Majors in the following sectors: Transportation, Construction, the Environment and Health and Wellness. Additionally, we have an outstanding music program centred on our orchestra, which participates annually in major competitions. We also have vibrant programs in drama and visual arts.

Pursuits, is our integrated four-credit program in outdoor leadership, health and recreational science for College/University destination students. As well, ECO Project, is another integrated four-credit program emphasizing outdoor adventure and environmental studies for College/Work Place destination students.

Our athletic program involves approximately half the student body participating in a wide range of sports and also involves many staff members as coaches. We run teams in almost all sports and regularly send teams to District and CWOSSA.

At Georgian Bay Community School, eight credits can be scheduled in any one year. Our school is a semestered school, with four courses offered from September to January and four courses from February to June. Final examinations are scheduled in January and June for most courses. We have an exceptional number of awards for students of all grades and levels.

There is an active community night school program that utilizes the school extensively.

Founding Year: 1891
Population: 1028
Colours: Black and Gold
Team Name: Thunder

Excerpt from Education Act, Regulation 298

A pupil shall:
be diligent in attempting to master such studies as are part of the program in which the pupil is enrolled:
exercise self-discipline;
accept such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent;
attend classes punctually and regularly;
be courteous to fellow pupils and obedient and courteous to teachers;
be clean in person and habits;
take such tests and examinations as are required by or under the Act or as may be directed by the Minister; and show respect for school property.
When a pupil returns to school after an absence, a parent of the pupil, or the pupil where the pupil is an adult, shall give the reason for the absence orally or in writing
as the principal requires.
A pupil may be excused by the principal from attendance at school temporarily at any time at the written request of a parent of the pupil or the pupil where the pupil
is an adult.
Every pupil is responsible for his or her conduct to the principal of the school that the pupil attends, on the school premises; on out-of-school activities that are part of
the school program; andwhile travelling on a school bus that is owned by a board or on a bus or school bus that is under contract to a board.


Student Responsibilities
Your academic success reflects the basic expectations that operate in any learning environment whether in school or in the world of work; that is, you must consistently demonstrate respect, civility, and accountability. The GBSS Code of Conduct operates within the guidelines set out in the Education Amendment Act (Progressive Discipline and School Safety), 2007, (Bill 212), and Bluewater DSB Safe Schools Policy - BP 6820D . Your behaviour will demonstrate respect, civility and responsible citizenship.

Respect for Authority
You will behave in a courteous and considerate manner towards all members of the school community. You will exercise self-discipline and accept responsibility for your actions. You are expected to recognize and comply with the authority held by the school and its staff.

Use of Appropriate Language
You will speak to students, staff, and visitors in a respectful and courteous manner. You will respect the rights of others to experience a learning environment free from offensive language, messages, and gestures.

Respect for School Property (textbooks etc.)
You will treat all school property and the property of others with respect and care (including equipment, books, lockers, desks and school grounds).

Academic Honesty (plagiarism will NOT be tolerated)
You will not cheat, copy, or knowingly and deliberately present the language, ideas or thoughts of another individual as your own work. Any student who plagiarizes or cheats will be subject to the sanctions as outlined by Board policy. Students are reminded to cite all sources used directly or indirectly in the research and writing of papers, assignments, etc. including internet sources. If a student is unsure whether to cite a source or not, she or he, should ask their teacher. Always err on the side of caution and cite the source.

Dress Code
A school is a place of learning. You will wear clean, neat and presentable clothing free of messages suggesting disrespect, intolerance, sexism, hatred towards others, violence, or use of prohibited substances. Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff and bandanas are prohibited. Your behaviour will demonstrate proper regard for the health and safety of every member of the school community.

Visitors to School/Trespassing
All visitors to the school must first report to the main office. An unregistered visitor may be asked to leave the premises. Failure to leave may result in the police being contacted and a trespass notice being served.

Tobacco Free Environment
The Tobacco Control Act has been renamed to the Smoke Free Ontario Act. The Smoke Free Ontario Act will continue to reduce the number of children and teens who start smoking and protect Ontarians from second-hand smoke. The Smoke Free Ontario Act states that it is illegal for anyone to sell, buy for, or give cigarettes to anyone under the age of 19. If you are caught supplying you will be charged and the fine is $365.00. It is also against the law to smoke anywhere on school property and could cost you $305.00. To report someone supplying tobacco to anyone under 19 years old, call the Grey Bruce Health Unit at 376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456.

Snowballs, Water Balloons, and Water Guns
The throwing of snowballs, water balloons and the use of any water gun is strictly prohibited. Any infraction of this type will result in a suspension.

Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
The use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on school property, on any school excursion or function. Similarly possession of drug paraphernalia is prohibited. Disregard of this policy will result in suspension, expulsions and/or criminal charges.

No student will participate in or initiate any form of bullying or intimidation. Disregard of this policy will result in suspensions, expulsions, and/or criminal charges

Harassment and Threatening Behaviour
Harassment and threatening behaviour, including discrimination based on sexual orientation, will not be tolerated. Whether such behaviour is written, verbal, sexual, physical, emotional, or racial, it is a criminal offence and will be treated as such.

Fighting and/or assault will not be tolerated. Any student involved in or encouraging the involvement of another student in such behaviour will be suspended. Parent/police involvement may also ensue. Any student observed to be recording a fight/assault will be suspended.

Weapons or Replicas of Weapons
Weapons or replicas of weapons are not permitted on school property at any time, nor are they permitted on any school excursion. Possession of, or use of such objects to threaten or intimidate others, will result in immediate suspension and criminal charges.

Your behaviour will demonstrate your regard for academic responsibility.

Attendance and Preparation for Class
Your academic achievement is a direct result of attending and participating in classroom instruction and activities. It is therefore a requirement for you to attend all classes on a regular basis, on time, and with the appropriate materials. You will assume responsibility for your own learning. You will complete all tasks assigned to the best of your ability. You will observe all course policies as outlined by the classroom teacher concerning assignments, tests, missed classes, examinations, and care of texts/course materials.

Classroom Behaviour
Every student has the right to an uninterrupted and a safe instructional environment. Disruptive behaviour prevents teaching and learning. Therefore, it will not be tolerated. Personal devices, which disrupt the learning environment, are not permitted in a classroom.

Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may result in these consequences.

Consequences shall be appropriate to the individual and the circumstances and may include the following actions:
Communication with parents and administrators;
Removal from class to a supervised location;
Temporary or permanent removal of privileges (classroom-school) i.e., field trips, dances, teams, use of school computer network;
Removal from class - student will be referred to administration for action i.e., suspension from school. While under suspension, students are not allowed on school grounds or at any school related events.
Any student, while under suspension, found on school property or at a school event will be charged with trespassing.

Truancy Policy and Lateness/Absenteeism
Regular attendance and punctuality in all classes is essential to success at school and is the responsibility of all students. Irregular attendance and persistent lateness disrupt the learning process and hinders evaluation. There are approximately 90 classes required to complete a course. A student who has been absent for 20 classes will have missed approximately 25% of the course content. Acceptable reasons for being absent from school include: illness, medical appointments and compassionate leave. ALL UNAUTHORIZED ABSENCES WILL BE CONSIDERED AS TRUANCIES .

ABSENT FROM SCHOOL: Please have a parent/guardian phone (519) 538-1680 to indicate you will be, or have been, absent for part or all of the day. Parents/guardians are encouraged to leave a message at any time, day or night, at Ext. 523. If no call, or note, is received your student will receive a detention to be served the next day, for missed classes. Parents will have until 11:30 on the next school day to call the school. Parents are requested to continue to call each day if the absence is for more than one day. You are responsible to make up all the work missed as soon as possible.

If You Are Late For School: You are to report to the office immediately upon your arrival. Have a parent/guardian call, or bring a note, explaining your lateness.
If You Are Late For Class you are to obtain a Late Slip from your teacher. Bring this slip to the office at the end of the period, at lunch, or at the end of the day. Only then will your attendance be corrected.
If You Must Leave Early Bring a note to the office in the morning to indicate when you must leave and why. If you do not have a note, come to the office and we will attempt to contact your parent. You may not leave without parental consent.
If You Are Ill While At School If you feel unable to attend class because you have become ill, you are to report to the office immediately. The office will attempt to contact your home.
Returning to school A student returning from any absence is expected to:
Bring a signed and dated note from home explaining the reason for the absence. Students will bring this note to the Office before 8:50 a.m. on the first day back from the absence and they will receive an admit slip. If the parent made a phone call to the school, a note is not necessary.
Obtain, and complete as soon as possible, the work missed during the absence.
Persistent Absences Students who exhibit persistent irregular attendance or lateness will be referred to the Administration for action. Depending upon the student's age, the teacher's recommendation, and discussion with the parent, the following alternatives will be considered:
Program adjustment;
Removal from the class;
Suspension from school;
Referral to Bluewater District School Board Attendance Counsellor;
Removal from the school's roll.


Students are to stand still and listen to the announcements in the class room, and when in the halls. Students are also expected to stand still for the Canadian National Anthem, with hats off, while in the school.

These should be left in your locker and not taken to class.

Cell Phones 

Such devices MAY be brought to school but NOT taken to class unless you have specific permission from your teacher. These items are a distraction in the classroom and as such will be confiscated and returned to parents. Students observed to be using cell phones, or other devices, to record a fight will be subject to a suspension and/or possible expulsion. Cell phones are not to be used in hallways during class time.

Course Selection Policy
All students in grades 9 - 11 must carry a full timetable. Students in their graduating year must be enrolled in at least the number of courses they need to graduate. Students in grades 9 - 11 will not be allowed to drop a course in order to create a study hall period.
Students in any grade who are carrying five or fewer courses are considered part-time students. Such students are expected to be in the school only during the time required to attend classes and to make authorized use of school facilities.
Students may make course changes until FIVE DAYS after mid-term reports are issued. All changes after that will appear as a failure on the student transcript.
The Full Disclosure Policy of the Ministry of Education states that all courses which are chosen by students will be shown on the students' transcripts. Students wishing to have a course not appear on their transcript must make the appropriate change prior to the drop date.
Academic credits are granted on the basis of 110 hours of instructional time. Excessive absences will jeopardize the granting of these credits.

The Principal must approve exceptions to these requirements.

Curriculum Materials
All texts, equipment, team uniforms, library books and materials must be cared for and returned when requested. Students are responsible for returning or replacing all school materials in good condition.

Examinations will be held in January and in June at the end of each semester. A medical certificate is required to excuse a student from a scheduled examination. Exams must otherwise be written when scheduled. Exam timetables are published prior to exam week. It is the student's responsibility to know when and where exams are to be written and to arrive at school at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Student progress reports will be sent home four times during the school year.

*Note: Exam Dates can be found on the "Important Dates" page of this book. Please do not schedule personal appointments, work commitments, family holidays or other obligations at these times.

Fire Alarm
A continuous sounding of the fire alarm is the sign that every person is to leave the building. The proper exit is posted in each room. Know your exits and alternative exits. As soon as you hear the alarm, go directly outside and move away from the exits. You will be directed back into the building, by the sounding of two quick bells. Causing a false alarm or misusing fire fighting equipment is a criminal offense.

Lock Down Procedures
A three second lockdown "wail" will sound everywhere. PA announcement will be made to indicate that the lock down procedure has begun. Students in halls or bathrooms should report to nearest classroom. Teachers will instruct students in the classroom. PA announcement will be made when lock down is over.

GBCS Physical Education Program
Due to the nature of the program regular participation is critical to success in these courses. Some rules that you must be aware of are as follows:
Proper gym clothes and running shoes must be worn or you cannot participate.
No jewelry or gum is tolerated for safety reasons.
If a student is unable to participate due to illness or injury, an alternative assignment may be provided.
You may be asked to provide a doctor's note for prolonged absences due to illnesses.

G.B.C.S. Student Council
The Student Council of G.B.C.S. is responsible to:
Assist in the co-ordination of extracurricular activities.
Finance various school clubs, teams, and social functions.
Co-ordinate various student fundraising activities.
Create and maintain a high level of school spirit.

Students elected to the Executive need your full support.
See Student Council Executive Page at end of this section for names of your current representatives.

Laser Pointers
Students are not permitted to have laser pointers on school property or school buses. Shining a laser into someone's eye may result in permanent damage and blindness.

Library Resource Centre
Students may work in the Library individually or in small groups during study periods or class periods with their teacher's permission.
The Library relies on the co-operation of students and consideration for others. Students are expected to conduct themselves so as not to interfere with other students working in the Library.
To encourage students to return library materials on time for the use of other students, the following fines will be imposed on overdue materials:
Overnight books and materials not returned before 9:00 a.m. on the day they are due - $.50 per school day.
Regular two week loan materials - $.10 per school day.
Money collected from these fines will be used to purchase other resource material.

Each student will be assigned a locker. Students are to use only the locker which is assigned to them. Students must use Dudley combination locks that may be purchased at the office for $5.00. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the locker locked and maintained in a neat and tidy condition. Students giving their lock combination to others stand in jeopardy of losing personal property through theft and vandalism. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Do not share your combination with anyone! These lockers are school property and are not to be damaged or defaced in any way. Students claiming a locker that has not been assigned to them will have the lock removed and confiscated. Sharing Of Lockers Is Prohibited.
PLEASE NOTE: The lockers are the property of the school and may be subject to official search. Lockers Must Be Cleaned Out Before Noon On The Last Exam Day.

Lost And Found
Lost and found items should be brought to the office for student reclaim. Please check regularly with the office if you have lost an item.

Do not leave items on the bench at the front entrance of the school.

School Community Council
The role of the School Community Council is to enhance student learning by acting in an advisory role on issues identified by consensus within the School Community Council, by the school, or by the Board. Parents are encouraged to join the School Community Council. Please check the school website for meeting times and dates.

School Computer Network and Use of the Internet
All students have been given access to the Internet. It can only be used for educational purposes. Students are also allowed to use e-mail on the internet for educational purposes only.

Students must not:
- use a chat line;
- download any files without a teacher's permission 

- go to inappropriate sites.
Any misuse of the school's computer network will result in loss of Student Log-In and further computer privileges, which may affect certain courses. You may not log in using another student's password. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE.

Skateboards and Inline Skates
Use of skateboards and inline skates are not allowed in the school or on school property. Students are reminded of By Law #24-87 of the Corporation of the Town of Meaford, which prohibits the use of skateboards, on streets and sidewalks. Please keep skateboards at home.

Streets and Property Adjacent to the School
Students are reminded of By Law #26-98 of the Corporation of the Town of Meaford, which prohibits loitering and disruption of traffic on any street or roadway. Students must not trespass on private property.

Student Fees
A student fee of $30.00 is due and payable to the Georgian Bay Community School Student Council. In addition team fees are $25.00 for each and every team. These fees are subject to change. Certain courses such as technical or computer courses may also have fees.

Student Services
Counselling services are available for every student in the school. These services include assistance with educational planning, career planning and assistance with home, school and social concerns. Students should feel free to make appointments by coming to the Student Services Office. Teachers or parents may refer students experiencing learning difficulties or problems with organizational skills to Student Services. Such students may be placed on an Individual Education Plan. Additional assistance, alternative assessments and/or extra time may be provided.

Technical Courses
Some technical courses have specific clothing requirements. Proper eyewear, footwear, and clothing as specified by the Board, administration or teachers must be worn.

Students may not use school business phones except for emergencies. A public pay phone is located in the corridor adjacent to the Student Council Executive Office.

Travel Time
The travel time between classes is intended as time to move from one class to the next and a washroom break, if necessary. Leaving the building for any reason is discouraged. Students going outside between periods run the risk of being late. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE IN CLASS WHEN THE BELL SIGNALS THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD.

Valedictorian: Criteria
Must be a graduating student for the current academic year who has:
Good attendance
Is in good academic standing
Represents the student body
Is a reflection of the positive aspects and merits of secondary school
The selection includes election by the students and is subject to acceptance by the teaching staff as well as the school administrators.

Video Surveillance
In keeping with Bluewater District School Board's Safe School Policy it is the Board's policy to utilize video surveillance cameras in public areas of its schools and on buses to ensure the ongoing safety of students, staff and property.


Do not park on an ANGLE.
You may park only on paved area in the spaces as indicated. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS. The driveway at the front doors of the school is a Fire Route. Parking is prohibited.
Parking lot is out of bounds during class time. You are not allowed to occupy your vehicle unless arriving or preparing to depart.
Due to insurance and liability concerns do not allow anyone access to your vehicle if you are not present.
When entering and exiting the school parking lot use extreme caution. Anyone driving recklessly or causing excessive noise on or near school property will be reported to police and parking privileges may be removed. Any damage done to property as a result of careless operation of a motor vehicle, either during or outside of school hours will be treated as vandalism.
It is recommended that you lock your vehicle.
Georgian Bay Community School is not responsible for loss of personal property or damage to vehicles.
No Smoking in vehicles while on school property. Grey Bruce Owen Sound Health Unit may charge smokers under the Tobacco Control Act.

In any circumstances involving a breach of the regulations above, Georgian Bay Community School will accept a statement from any teaching staff member of Board Employee as a competent witness and take such action that is appropriate to the situation to ensure the safety and well being of all members of the student community.


  1. GBCS students wishing to attend a dance must have a valid student card from the current school year. Please bring student card to the dance.
2 Non GBCS students must be signed in by noon on the day of the dance in the main office. A GBCS student can only sign in one student and must accompany their guest to the dance. The GBCS student is responsible for the conduct of their guest for the entire dance. Only students from local high schools may be signed in and they must present a student card from their school. Elementary school students may not be signed in.
  1. Doors close 90 minutes after the dance begins. If a student leaves the dance they will not be permitted to re-enter the dance. Students must stay out of restricted areas. Students should be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of the dance.
  2. At the discretion of the administration students may be required to comply with the administration of an alcohol detection test.
  3. Police officers will be on duty at all dances. Any student involved in the following behaviours:
  • "being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs" or "trafficking in weapons or illegal drugs" or "giving alcohol to a minor" will result in a mandatory consequence such as:
  1. a) Being suspended from school
  2. b) Being suspended for 90 school days from school dances. (If the infraction occurs near the end of the academic year, it will be applied in the upcoming year until the full ninety day term has been completed.)


Opportunities to learn outside of the regular curriculum can provide valuable learning experiences for students. Team sports, school clubs, class trips, etc. are organized by the staff and are available to students throughout the year. Participation in these activities is a privilege, not a right. The following criteria for eligibility will apply for all extra-curricular activities. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that he/she meets these requirements.

The students will attend all classes for which he/she is registered. Absences for medical and compassionate reasons are permitted. Students must be a full-time student to participate on school teams. Students will, at all times, exhibit mature, respectful and responsible behaviour. While participating in a school-sponsored co-instructional activity, any behaviour inconsistent with the student Code of Conduct will result in appropriate Mandatory or Discretionary consequences and the student will be removed from the activity, club or team for the remainder of the season OR 90 school days, whichever comes first.

Students attending any field trip or representing the school at a sports event are expected to behave responsibly and be good ambassadors for the school. The possession or use of alcohol or controlled substances WILL NOT be tolerated. Consequences for irresponsible behaviour in any regard may include being sent home (at the student's expense), and/or suspension from school. The student may also be prohibited from attending other events.

A student, who is part of a team/or attending a field trip, will travel with his/her group to all destinations. A student must be 18 years old to be able to drive themselves, and will not drive unless there are unusual or extenuating circumstances and unless specific arrangements have been made with school administration in consultation with parents. Students are not permitted to drive other students.

Prior to their first competition, students must possess a current student activity card and pay the $25 team fee.

To be considered eligible, senior students (with greater than 22 credits) must be taking a minimum of 2 courses during the playing season. Juniors must take 3 credits per semester. An athlete is eligible for competition for "5 consecutive calendar years from their date of entry into grade 9".

Students are responsible to return the assigned team uniform to their coach in a timely fashion. A replacement fee will otherwise be charged.

Athletes who wish to play on two or more sports teams in the same season must receive permission from all the coaches involved. Athletes are to fulfill the responsibilities of their present sport before they may try out for a new one.

An athlete who is removed by the coach from a team for inappropriate conduct or breach of team expectations or who quits a team without the consultation and approval of the coach and/or the athletic director after the team roster has been posted may be subject to suspension for up to a calendar year from inter school sports.

The following is intended to help you in writing a research essay. Your teacher will evaluate your work on the basis of these criteria.

  1. Research Books consulted (a) quality use made of books

Quotes are exact and interpreted so as to fit into essay.
Proper title page, footnotes, and bibliography.
Any use of another person's words or ideas must be recognized in a footnote. Failure to do so is plagiarism-literary theft, and as such is unacceptable. There are severe penalties including the possible loss of your credit.


  1. Introduction: (a) State your subject
Specify your purpose.
Clarify your theme
Set the limits of your paper


  1. Main Body: (a) Material is presented in a logical manner.
Material presented is accurate.
All facts used suit the topic or purpose of your essay as stated in the introduction.
Use a variety of connecting words to give coherence (next, furthermore, another, in addition, etc.)
Relate similar points. Draw comparisons. Deal with opposing arguments or ideas on the topic, if this applies.
Draw conclusions about your topic.


  1. Conclusions: (a) Restate your theme.
Make final remarks so reader is left with a sense of completeness.


  • Academic Honesty (plagiarism will NOT be tolerated)

  • You will not cheat, copy, or knowingly and deliberately present the language, ideas or thoughts of another individual as your own work. Any student who plagiarizes or cheats will be subject to the sanctions as outlined by Board policy. Students are reminded to cite all sources used directly or indirectly in the research and writing of papers, assignments, etc. including internet sources. If a student is unsure whether to cite a source or not, she or he should ask their teacher. Always err on the side of caution and cite the source.


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