Code of Conduct

GBCS School Code of Conduct


GBCS will create positive leaders that foster a school climate that supports academic achievement for all students, through healthy relationships and appropriate behaviours.


Students, staff and community members will

  • Demonstrate respect and dignity for all members of our school community, appreciating the opinions, beliefs, customs and diversity of others regardless of race, creed, ethnic background or individual ability.
  • Come to school prepared, on time and ready to learn.
  • Acknowledge that vandalism to school property, including learning materials, and school buses is unacceptable.
  • Respect the dress code.
  • Demonstrate mutual acceptance and inclusion modeled by all.
  • Respect the needs of others in the learning environment.
  • Using appropriate language (avoiding swearing or hurtful comments, regulating your tone of voice, body language and facial expressions)
  • Keeping hands/feet off others and their possessions.
  • Acting with maturity and being a positive role model for younger students.
    • Students must be within their own dedicated areas on the school grounds, based on their division and/or Elementary/Secondary yard.
  • Elementary - Electronic devices are expected to be off and away unless the teacher gives permission for students to use.  Secondary – electronic devices should not be a distraction in the learning environment.
  • Students are expected not to loiter in the hallways after the first classes of the day have begun, even if on secondary lunch or a spare.
  • Working hard at all times to achieve your maximum potential


  • All members of the school community are to be accountable for their behaviours and actions.
  • Consequences will be corrective in nature and a learning experience for those involved.
  • Resolution may include a discussion with a staff member, an apology, a detention with tutorial supports, removal of privileges, withdrawal from class, the implementation of a contract, or a suspension in or out of school. For severe infractions, a student may be suspended, excluded, or expelled.
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